• Prevent revenue loss to counterfeit.  

  • Track distribution. 

  • Gain consumers’ trust. 

Nabcore empowers brand owners to get back lost sales from counterfeiters, track distribution channels and engage consumers through your products. Interlocking physical and digital solutions help you to win over consumers. 

No more victims. Only heroes. 

Protect Your Products Against Counterfeiting

Guard Your Supply Chain Against Diversion

Engage Your Customers Before and After Purchase

Based in Singapore, Nabcore Pte Ltd is an anti-counterfeiting solutions provider with over 10 years of experience navigating the grey market in Asia employing our suite of brand protection & tracking solutions for manufacturers.

We work with brand owners, enterprise resource planning (ERP) partners and print packaging providers to ensure products being manufactured and distributed in Asia can be protected and tracked along the entire supply chain.

The technology in our brand protection solutions also helps brands engage with their customers pre and post-purchase, regardless of where the product is distributed.

Brand Protection Solutions in Asia

As members of the Singapore Business Federation, Active & Intelligent Packaging Association, and Business China Singapore, Nabore is committed to protecting businesses with manufacturing and distribution operations in Asia.


To prevent rightful revenue loss, protect brand integrity and engage customers, businesses require the right product security and counterfeit protection solutions in this global economy.

No ONE business or product is the same. So, no ONE technology or solution will be able to adequately fit your unique needs.

Interlocking Anti counterfeiting Solutions and Brand Protection Consultancy

Nabcore’s approach is to consult, design and implement the best combination of interlocking anti counterfeiting solutions to ensure your brand is truly protected.

We developed the Asia BrandProtect System which is a suite of custom solutions designed to help to protect and track products.

Asia Brand Protect System Against Counterfeiting | Nabcore Pte Ltd


Components of Anti-counterfeiting Solutions by Nabcore Pte Ltd


Gain Consumer Trust

Since you had invested so much for your brand and product, WHY NOT invest 1% more to prevent losing your revenue and gain more customers?


Product authentication

Product Authentication

Protect against counterfeiting with our bank-graded security technologies that provide both physical and online product authentication.

Smart tracking

Smart Tracking

Provide real-time visibility along your supply chain to protect against illegal overruns, pilferage or grey market diversion.

Consumer engagement

Marketing Engagement

Engage with your customers in pre and post purchases by digitalising your products through scannable codes, security labels, or chips. 

Years of Asia Experience
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Nabcore is a software company, providing various QR codes solutions to help companies secure, register and track their products. Their solution presentation is very clean and clear. Certain amount of customization is also possible and this is really good as it allows the company to customize their solutions to a certain extend. The software is easy to use and it comes with a user manual. Their complete care from start to end has been impressive especially on their prompt reply when help is needed. We do highly recommend you explore their services.
Simone Jewels
Simone Ng
Director of Simone Jewels
It was fortuitous to have found Nabcore when I was searching for a reliable solution to protect my company’s high-value product. Although my company’s budget for a proof-of-concept was small, yet, GK – Director of Nabcore, was very responsive and helpful. He took the trouble to rush out my request and personally delivered the AR Labels so that I could meet my deadline. GK is reliable and delighting his customer is what he strives to do each time.
Tan Sok Sin
Head of Operations and IT - Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX)

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