• Prevent revenue loss to counterfeits.

  • Track distribution.

  • Gain consumers’ trust.

Nabcore empowers brand owners with interlocked physical and digital solutions to protect your business from brand abuse.  Get back lost sales from counterfeiters, track your distribution channels, and engage consumers through your products today.

No more victims. Only heroes. 

Protect Your Products Against Counterfeiting

Guard Your Supply Chain Against Diversion

Engage Your Customers Before and After Purchase


Your brand and products get counterfeited by others.

Lack of visibility on how your products are distributed and sold. 

Lack of insights and engagement with consumers.


To prevent revenue loss against counterfeiting and protect brand integrity, businesses require the right product security and brand protection solutions in this global economy.

No two businesses or products are the same. Naturally, no technology or solution is a one-size-fits-all that can  adequately fit your unique needs.

Interlocking Anti counterfeiting Solutions and Brand Protection Consultancy

Nabcore’s methodology involves consultation, design, and the implementation of the best combinations of interlocking anti-counterfeiting solutions to ensure your brand is truly protected.

We developed the Asia BrandProtect System, a suite of custom solutions designed to help protect and track products. It includes authenticationtrack and trace, and consumer engagement solutions.

Asia Brand Protect System Against Counterfeiting | Nabcore Pte Ltd


Components of Anti-counterfeiting Solutions by Nabcore Pte Ltd

Our Asia BrandProtect System is a suite of custom interlocking physical and digital solutions designed to help to protect and track genuine products, as well as assist brands with consumer engagement. Every product will be given a digital identity, just like how our birth certificates have their respective numbers. Companies can implement these solutions directly onto their products or packaging to protect their potential revenue against counterfeit and drive business growth with better consumer engagement.

Verification of the products can be easily done using mobile phones. Through the heatmap of the verification, businesses can track and trace their products along the distribution channels. On the consumer’s side, this software allows consumers to discover product information and promote repeat purchase with ease. Our brand protection solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing operations, making them cost effective.


We work with brand owners and government agencies to create effective brand and document protection solutions that can help prevent revenue loss, track distributions, and engage consumers. We collaboratively tackle counterfeit issues in a multi-layered approach, primarily in the following markets – Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Industrial and Government. 

Consumers Goods

Marketing Engagement of Retail Products | Nabcore

Consumer goods is a broad market that comprises Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), retail food products, apparels, and luxury goods.

Fake consumer goods are often made of inferior quality, sold in the market without prior authorisation or approval from the brand owners. These goods are often produced under poor and unaudited environments. Some may even be over-runs from outsourced factories that produce the same branded goods.

It is common to come across factories that produce imitation products that are designed to look nearly identical to a particular brand and have them sold at a much lower price. The main aim of all these factories is to deceive unsuspecting consumers. With the growth of the internet and e-commerce, the consumer goods market has evolved to an O2O (offline-to-online) model where many consumers are now purchasing their products from the internet. More consumers are bypassing offline platforms, preferring to make their purchase online. Unfortunately, this makes counterfeiting that much easier. Fast moving consumer goods, apparels, and luxury goods have been targeted by knock-offs with low prices both online and offline.

Working with brand owners, IP law firms, and enforcement agencies, we assist organisations in navigating this increasingly complex O2O market through the use of interlocking brand protection solutions. Solutions and strategies are tailored to the company’s supply chain and go-to-market model. We customise our solutions based on a combination of physical product authentication, digital verification, consumer education, online monitoring, and enforcement insights.


Pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter-medicine, medical equipment, personal healthcare devices and consumables are not immune to the risks of counterfeiting. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this even apparent. Since it concerns healthcare and one’s health and safety, any counterfeit or abuse will result in irreversible damages. For instance, inaccurate dosages may result in wrong clinical diagnosis and fake, unqualified medical products may cause inflection, allergies, and worse, cost lives. 

With pharmaceutical product owners, medical equipment manufacturers and consumable producers,

Protecting Against Counterfeit Medicine

Nabcore seeks to  understand and design solutions which helps protect their medically-certified products along the supply chain. We offer on-product and in-mobile messaging engagement to allow consumers and distributors to authenticate genuine products easily. With mobile verification and heatmaps, we help brand owners to track down the location when there are incidents of compromised use.

Industrial Products

Industrial products

Industrial products, components, and spare parts are often the targets of counterfeiting, grey marketing, or illicit trade. Most of these products are distributed through a wide and diverse network of stockists and suppliers. Automotive, industrial electronics, aviation, and building products markets are just some of the industry segments affected by fake products. The implication goes beyond brand reputation, it could result in accidents, safety risks, and liability.

We design solutions that empower brand owners to secure their branded industrial products, spare parts, and components by understanding, protecting, and monitoring the authenticity of their products along the supply chains.

Government Agencies

Security documents and assets within the government agencies, such as tax stamps and certificates, require anti-counterfeiting solutions. Nabcore has the privilege of working through partners to provide such high security solutions for government applications.

By understanding the existing infrastructure, issues, and user experience, we collaborate with partners to participate in tenders to propose solutions. Our interlocking solutions and approach not only address current challenges and tender requirements, but they also seek to offer alternative recommendations catering to the future needs for the government agencies.

Government agencies


Gain Consumer Trust

Since you have invested so much for your brand and product, WHY NOT invest 1% more to prevent losing your revenue and gain more customers?

Based in Singapore, Nabcore Pte Ltd is a brand protection company with over 10 years of experience navigating the grey market in Asia and developing our suite of anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and tracking solutions for manufacturers.

Our group of specialists invests in research, development, and continual learning to design and implement smart solutions. Our strength lies in the continual evolution and upgrade of our capabilities.

We design our solutions by understanding our customers’ experience journey and their approach to delivering their products through their supply chain. In doing so, we ensure that our solutions seamlessly fit into our customers’ value chain. We then jointly monitor their progress, review periodically, and proactively upgrade their brand protection solutions to ensure that they can continue to stay ahead of counterfeiters and competitions.

We work with brand owners, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) partners, and print packaging providers to ensure that the products that are manufactured and distributed in Asia can be protected and tracked along the entire supply chain.

The technology in our brand protection solutions also helps brands engage with their customers pre- and post-purchase, regardless of where the product is distributed.

Brand Protection Solutions in Asia

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Award winning solutions (Technology for Good)

Nabcore does good by aligning our technology solutions, applications, business goals and contributions toward addressing social and economic issues caused by counterfeiting related problems.

We help companies create positive impacts for their consumers while increasing revenue. 

Learn about our solutions or simply contact us to find more how we can value add to your brand and products. 

Nabcore is a software company, providing various QR codes solutions to help companies secure, register and track their products. Their solution presentation is very clean and clear. Certain amount of customization is also possible and this is really good as it allows the company to customize their solutions to a certain extend. The software is easy to use and it comes with a user manual. Their complete care from start to end has been impressive especially on their prompt reply when help is needed. We do highly recommend you explore their services.
Simone Jewels
Simone Ng
Director of Simone Jewels
It was fortuitous to have found Nabcore when I was searching for a reliable solution to protect my company’s high-value product. Although my company’s budget for a proof-of-concept was small, yet, GK – Director of Nabcore, was very responsive and helpful. He took the trouble to rush out my request and personally delivered the AR Labels so that I could meet my deadline. GK is reliable and delighting his customer is what he strives to do each time.
Tan Sok Sin
Head of Operations and IT - Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX)
I thank you for your valuable services over these years on behalf of CommScope and myself.
Steve Jiang
Director - Brand Protection, CommScope


Product authentication

Product Authentication

Protect against counterfeiting with our bank-graded security technologies that provide both physical and online product authentication.

Smart tracking

Smart Tracking

Provide real-time visibility along your supply chain to protect against illegal overruns, pilferage or grey market diversion.


Consumer engagement

Marketing Engagement

Engage with your customers in pre and post purchases by digitalising your products through scannable codes, security labels, or chips. 

Anti-counterfeit Labels

Protect your brand from unauthorised copying of data with anti-counterfeit packaging solutions. Get in touch with Nabcore to learn how we can help you.