Production authentication is a key aspect of brand protection. Allowing customers to verify the authenticity of your product protects your company from a loss of trust and reputation, and in turn, brand erosion. In addition, an inferior counterfeit product that is passed off as the genuine item can also cause a direct loss of sales to counterfeit products.

The poor quality or performance of pirated products can result in a rise in unsatisfied consumers and complaints, which will only give your brand negative publicity. In worst-case scenarios, a counterfeit product may result in harmful health consequences. For example, a machinery malfunction or a poor consumable good may produce adverse side effects that can cause significant physical damage and harmful health side effects respectively. This negative publicity can be magnified with the widespread adoption of social media, where negative reviews of products can go viral across the country and even cross borders.

Physical Authentication & DIGITAL Verification

Product authentication can come in the form of a standalone physical authentication or physical authentication with digital verification using a smart mobile device.

Examples of physical authentication include:

    • Optical Variable Devices (Labels, Foils, Stripes) 
    • Tamper Evident Labels, SealsRFID Tags & System 
    • Security Inks or Paper  
    • Hidden Images

Examples of physical authentication with digital verification include:

Product Authentication Labels and Codes
Applications for Product Authentication & Digital Verification


At Nabcore, we provide interlocking solutions for product authentication based on the nature and specifications of your product as well as your distribution model.

Our Asia BrandProtect System is a suite of custom solutions designed to help to protect and track your product. The system uses bank-graded security technologies that allow for both physical product authentication as well as digital verification using a mobile device.

Our Asia BrandProtect System includes a comprehensive consultation that helps identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule.

We adopt interlocking solutions with a 5-step strategy to protect your brand against counterfeiting.

Nabcore Brand Protection Strategy for Product Authentication


The Anti-Copy Security QR Code

An example of a product authentication solution is the use of our Anti-Copy Security QR Codes (AR codes). These variable anti-copy QR codes can be easily printed onto the products or their packaging, making it easier for consumers to digitally verify via  their smart devices.


As an anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions provider, Nabcore supports a variety of partners to serve larger Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and security printing projects.

If you are interested to establish a strategic partnership with us, click on the relevant link below:

Nabcore Partners for Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions


Smart tracking

Smart Tracking

Provide real-time visibility along your supply chain to protect against illegal overruns, pilferage or grey market diversion.

Consumer engagement

Marketing Engagement

Engage with your customers in pre and post purchases by digitalising your products through scannable codes, security labels, or chips.