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Do You Need to Protect Your Clients’ Products Against Counterfeiting?

In 2017, it was noted that the amount of total counterfeiting globally added up to 1.2 Trillion USD. In 2020/21, it is projected to reach 1.82 Trillion USD.

This shocking upward trend shows that many businesses are losing out on a huge amount of revenue due to counterfeit products.

To prevent rightful revenue loss, protect brand integrity and engage customers, businesses require the right product security and counterfeit protection solutions in this global economy.

Smart Brand Protection for Counterfeit Protection

Consider These Statistics:

  • 56% of all consumers buy counterfeit products unknowingly or doubting the originality of the product. (ScamAdvisor Report, Why Do Consumers Buy Fake)
  • It is estimated that more than 50% of the drugs for sale on the internet are fake. (World Health Organization)
  • 30% of FMCG items sold are fake, but 80% of consumers are unaware and think they are buying authentic products. (FICCI CASCADE)

So, how can your clients protect their brand and regain their rightful revenue?

The short answer is Brand Protection Solutions.

What are Brand Protection Solutions?

In the past, brand protection solutions came in the form of physical authentication (e.g., holograms, security inks). However, that is simply not enough anymore.

To make a brand protection solution more useful, tracking products though digital verification (e.g., QR codes, near field communication) and consumer engagement is needed as well.

By tracking products, businesses can gain visibility along their supply chain. Interaction with consumers also enable brands to gather data and insights to drive future business growth.

Smart Brand Protection Solutions | Nabcore

The Right Approach to Brand Protection Solutions.

Contrary to popular practice, the best brand protection solutions are not the most advanced technologies available on the market. The truth is, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, and the best brand protection solution varies from product to product and business to business.

Taking that into account, by merging product authentication, digital verification and consumer engagement, interlocking solutions can be produced to cater to different businesses and products

Interlocking brand protection solutions are essential for brand owners because:

  1. Products need to be authenticated in a simple, fast, and secured way to prevent counterfeiting.
  2. Distributions need to be tracked along the supply chain to grant brand owners visibility. 
  3. Consumers need to be engaged for insights and data to help drive business growth.

Similar to how currencies around the world adopt multiple interlocking security solutions to prevent counterfeiting, brand owners must employ the same approach to protect their brand.

Interlocking Solutions for Brand Protection and Anti-counterfeiting

Learn More About Interlocking Solutions

Nabcore Pte Ltd is a brand protection & tracking specialist in Asia that provides interlocking smart solutions for product authentication, supply chain visibility and offline-to-online marketing engagement.

We work with enterprise resource planning (ERP) partners to ensure that products being manufactured and distributed in Asia can be protected and tracked along the entire supply chain.

The technology in our anti-counterfeit solutions also helps brands engage with their customers pre and post-purchase, regardless of where the product is distributed.

Request for our real life case studies on our interlocking brand protection tracking and solutions.

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