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FCMG Brands Lose 30% of Their Business Due to Counterfeit Products.

In 2017, it was noted that the amount of total counterfeiting globally added up to 1.2 Trillion USD. In 2020/21, it is projected to reach 1.82 Trillion USD. 

This shocking upward trend shows that many businesses are losing out on a huge amount of revenue due to counterfeit products.

As an ERP solution provider or supply chain consultant, you need to recommend and implement the best brand protection and tracking solutions to protect your client’s supply chain from diversion and piracy.

Statistics Your Clients Must Know:

  • 56% of all consumers buy counterfeit products unknowingly or doubting the originality of the product.  (ScamAdvisor Report, Why Do Consumers Buy Fake)
  • It is estimated that more than 50% of the drugs for sale on the internet are fake. (World Health Organization)
  • Global grocery trade is expected to hit 12 Trillion USD and food fraud is expected to make up 10% of that. (Global Food Safety Resource)

Many Brands Approach Brand Protection Solutions the Wrong Way...

With brand protection solutions, most brands use a single solution/technology based on the solutions provider. This is because it is typically a proprietary solution that the vendor wants to promote.

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The truth is – no one technology is the “right” technology to protect and track products in a manufacturing line. Otherwise, all currency notes in the world would not use multiple security features in a single note to protect it from being counterfeited.

The right solution is to be technology agnostic and use interlocking solutions.

Interlocking Brand Protection Solutions

By merging product authentication, digital verification and consumer engagement, interlocking solutions can be produced to cater to different businesses and products

Interlocking brand protection solutions are essential for brand owners because:

    • Products need to be authenticated in a simple, fast, and secured way to prevent counterfeiting.
    • Distributions need to be tracked along the supply chain to grant brand owners visibility. 
    • Consumers need to be engaged for insights and data to help drive business growth.

As mentioned above, just like how currencies around the world adopt multiple interlocking security solutions to prevent counterfeiting, brand owners must employ the same approach to protect their brand.

The Importance of Finding The Right Vendor

As an ERP solutions provider, finding highly qualified, experienced and dependable vendors is critical to your success as a solutions architect. 

It has been reported that by evaluating and choosing the right vendor, supply chain costs can be reduced. On top of that, improved quality and timeliness of service and products rendered has also been observed.

When it comes to securing manufacturing and distribution lines in Asia, specifically China, Vietnam, Malaysia and India, finding a brand protection and tracking solutions provider with experience in the Asia grey market is essential.

Nabcore Pte Ltd is a brand protection & tracking specialist in Asia that provides interlocking smart solutions for product authentication, supply chain visibility and offline-to-online marketing engagement.

As a brand protection partner, we work with enterprise resource planning (ERP) & IT consultants to ensure that products being manufactured and distributed in Asia can be protected and tracked along the entire supply chain.

The technology in our anti-counterfeit solutions also helps brands engage with their customers pre and post-purchase, regardless of where the product is distributed.

Protection Against Counterfeiting in China


Nabcore has experience and expertise in dealing with counterfeiting in China. Counterfeiting in China is often conducted by sophisticated network operations. Brand owners need to be proactive to protect their business rather than depending on local regulations.

A holistic approach of IP registration, integrated brand protection, consumer engagement and enforcement are much needed for companies to tackle counterfeit issues effectively.

Nabcore has written a comprehensive white paper on counterfeiting in China that offers some unique insight. Please fill in the form below to request for free access to the white paper.


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