Case study – Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)



How is Nabcore able to help Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company to prevent loss revenue due to fakes, and regain market share?



A FMCG brand of products that promises to provide quality, good value products for consumers in the lifestyle sector. Their products are being distributed across South-East Asia. Due to their good value proposition, the products are often being counterfeited across S.E Asia region. Consumers have difficulties to determine the genuine ones from fakes in the market.



  • To incorporate authentication solution for easy consumer verification onto over 100 million product packaging without disrupting current production.
  • Large and Fast volume production makes it difficult to implement conventional Brand protection solution without disrupting operations.
  • Cost effectiveness is needed due to high volume.


  • Lack of verification features on the product for consumers to authenticate
  • Lack of visibility in Supply Chain distributions.
  • Loss of rightful revenue and market share due to counterfeits


Nabcore has worked to design and implement suitable brand protection solution onto individual products without affecting the operations for large volume production. 

We design and supply the solutions by combining both Hidden Physical Security, Overt & Covert Digital Security technologies. This is to create a unique interlocking solution.

The solutions are printed directly onto the product packaging, suitable for High Speed production run.   

Product Authentication

  • Digital Security Technology

By designing and crafting unique identity mark: The Anti-Copy Security QR code into a normal packaging, we turn them into Smart Packaging. Consumers are able to easily authenticate by scanning their purchase with mobile phones. In the process, brand owner can engage with consumers and also gain visibility on distribution channels.

Anti-copy and Anti-counterfeit security code

We work with customer’s appointed printer to print onto each product packaging. The security QR code is incorporated into the design of the packaging and printed as per normal artwork using offset machine needed for high volume operations. The requirement for printing the code is at least 200 lines per inch (for offset printer) or 600 dpi (for digital printer).

This requirement is achievable for the FMCG’s printing house as they are considered basic resolution and falls within the printing machines capability. Hence, there is no additional process step needed in implement our security code solution. 

  • Physical Security Technology (Hidden)

In locations where internet connection is weak or not available, distributors and retailers are able to verify the hidden physical security.

We proposed suitable invisible UV Security inks for cost effective and fast verification. Other types of security inks are also deployed whenever required. Eg: Photochromatic inks. Conductive inks. Allow brand owner and their distributors to use special device to verify.   

Invisible UV security inks

Supply Chain Visibility

When consumers scanned fake FMCG products with copied security QR code, the locations can be detected and display in the heatmap (as below) down to the street level. The FMCG company would able to analyse and gain visibility on where the fake products are primarily at. This give insights to where potential fake products are being manufactured and/or sold.   

Track and Trace Heatmap
Example of Track and Trace Heatmap


  • Nabcore specialize in designing, providing and implementing interlocking physical and digital solutions for Brand Protection, Supply Chain Visibility, Consumer Engagement across Asia.
  • As a solution provider, we have deep understanding on the issues of counterfeiting and grey marketing in the region. These issues are multi-faceted. Hence, an interlocking solution is needed to prevent loss of rightful revenue, brand erosion and product liability.
  • We value our customer and will go all out to ensure our customers are satisfied. We constantly upgrading the solution implemented to ensure Smarter solutions, Empower big data analysis, Strengthen consumer engagement and Increase sales for brand owner.  

Here is a video link on the demo of our anti-copy security QR code:

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