Case study – Jewels products



How is Nabcore able to help jewels company protect the brand, engage consumers and ensure rightful warranty service?

Case study - Brand protection solutions for Jewels


A bespoke high end jewellery brand designs and manufactures jewels that are one-of-a-kind design. The award-winning luxury jewellery designer wants to protect their jewels designs. The brand owner seeks to ensure their customers in having a great experience and security to own the branded jewels.


  • Limited area for solution application due to the small product size and packaging
  • Need to be able to integrate into their process and point of sales.
  • Provide a brand protection that is cost effective, secured, engaging and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Enhance business approach in the area of customer loyalty. 
  • Need to create stronger differentiation from other jewels brand owners in terms of service and experience.
  • Lack of a way to show customers that their purchase is one and only authentic product.
  • Enhance digital engagement with customers.


Nabcore designs and implements suitable brand protection solution which provides both high security and attractiveness.

To provide a cost-effective solution, we provide a dual QR code, silver foil security label, supported by mobile app and platform system. The dual QR codes are unique and encrypted. Each pair are linked with the following features:

  • 1st QR code is exposed. Allow anyone (eg: consumers/retailers/distributors) to scan multiple times for product and marketing info.
  • 2nd QR code is hidden. Allow the consumer to scan after purchase for 1 time scan and ownership registration. Once the hidden code has been scanned, the whole label or the codes cannot be reused.

There will be a record of the ownership of the jewels in the mobile app. The record helps brand owner to provide better service the customer during warranty. With a gift function in the app, the jewellery ownership record can be transferred to another person easily.  

Product Authentication

  • Combining Physical and Digital verification technologies.
Unique dual QR codes security label
Unique dual QR codes security label
Mobile app product authentication and ownership registration
Mobile app product authentication and ownership registration


What had been achieved:

  • Brand owner is able to enhance their brand and customer engagement during point of purchase.
  • Consumer is able to authenticate and register their purchase with their mobile phones.
  • Allow ease of product ownership and recording for customers.
  • Expedite checking of records of the jewellery during servicing for employees.


  • Nabcore specialize in designing, providing and implementing interlocking physical and digital solutions for Brand Protection, Supply Chain Visibility, Consumer Engagement across Asia.


  • As a solution provider, we have deep understanding on the issues of counterfeiting and grey marketing in the region. These issues are multi-faceted. Hence, an interlocking solution is needed to prevent loss of rightful revenue, brand erosion and product liability.


  • We value our customer and go all out to ensure our customers are satisfied. We constantly upgrading the solution implemented to ensure Smarter solutions, Empower big data analysis, Strengthen consumer engagement and Increase sales for brand owner.  

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