Our Journey

The idea to establish a counterfeiting protection company was first conceived when one of our director, Guankai (GK), was on a business trip in China in 2011. 

As a security solution consultant, he is wary of counterfeit products in Asia, especially after the fake milk powder incident in 2008. Even being cautious, he was not able to avoid drinking fake branded alcohol which resulted in bad headache.

Counterfeiting Protection in China
Protecting Against Counterfeit Medicine

Desperately looking for medication to relieve the pain, GK went to many medical shops in Shanghai. However, many brands did not have a way for customers to authenticate whether the medicine was genuine and safe to take.

Despite his headache, he was clear-minded enough to realize that the ability for product authentication was lacking for many brands and it was a something that can be done much better.

In 2016, Nabcore was established in Singapore with a focus in providing meaningful counterfeiting protection and tracking solutions, rather than jumping on the latest technology fad of the times.

Our aim was, and still is, to help brand owners prevent revenue loss due to counterfeiting as well as adopt solutions to drive business growth.

Since 2017, we have combined info-technology & nano-technology applications to offer integrated solutions to printing, packaging companies and security product manufacturers, to complement and add value to their existing offerings. 

In 2019, our number of partners in Asia grew to six with several more in the pipeline.

Counterfeiting Protection Company in Singapore | Nabcore Pte Ltd

As of 2020, Nabcore provides interlocking brand protection & tracking solutions for over 100 million products each year including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare food products, industrial spare parts and jewellery products.



Counterfeiting Protection Company Logo | Nabcore Pte Ltd

The Core – The yellow three-dimensional sphere represents the essence of a brand with its potential to be unleashed.

The Infinity Cage – The letter “n” (for Nabcore) was designed to form the optical illusion of an “infinity cage”. This cage represents the interlocking solutions that Nabcore offers to protect and track a brand.

Nabcore – The name itself is a literal representation of capturing a problem at its core and providing a solution to the problem.


Product authentication

Product Authentication

Protect against counterfeiting with our bank-graded security technologies that provide both physical and online product authentication.

Smart tracking

Smart Tracking

Provide real-time visibility along your supply chain to protect against illegal overruns, pilferage or grey market diversion.

Consumer engagement

Marketing Engagement

Engage with your customers in pre and post purchases by digitalising your products through scannable codes, security labels, or chips.