1. How to prevent counterfeit of my products?

  • Allow consumers to easily verify genuine products. Get visibility in your distribution channels. Engage with consumers. Register your Intellectual Properties (IP).    

2. How does brand protection solution help my company?

  • Brand Protection helps consumers to identify your company’s products and prevent someone from illegally making and selling your products.   

3. What are the different types of brand protection solutions?

  • There are primarily 2 types of Brand Protection solutions – (1) Physical Authentication with Track & Trace, (2) Online Brand Protection   

4. What are the issues faced by companies when they enter into markets with weak IP enforcement?

  • Counterfeiting, Grey Market Diversion, Consumers Engagement.   

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Our Group has launched the 1st ever Bank Graded Security Anti-Copy QR codes for application onto over 100 million products. Please see below some link to media coverage.   

China       :  新浪网
Hong Kong (China)    : 財華網
Japan      :​CNET Japan

                  :ZDNet Japan

Singapore   : Asiaone

South Korea: acrofan

​Thailand: Bangkok Biz News

USA: businessinsider

We believe in unleashing full potential for companies as they venture overseas and expand to new markets. Want to find out more how we help Brands to establish business strategy with interlocking Smart Brand Protection, Track & Trace and Consumer Loyalty Engagement for sustainable growth, please feel free to reach us below: 

Contact point: Kai (Business Executive Team)  

Globalization and Internet create the perfect storm conditions for the fake products to thrive. Below info-graphic shows some stunning figures! It's time to really ensure that your products are not being counterfeited and for you to beware of counterfeits (if you haven't been doing)...…  

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