• Allow consumers to easily verify genuine products. 
  • Get visibility in your distribution channels. 
  • Engage with consumers. 
  • Register your Intellectual Properties (IP).    
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  • Brand Protection helps consumers to identify the products from a business and prevents counterfeiters from illegally making and selling their products. 
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There are primarily 2 types of brand protection solutions : 

1. Physical Authentication with Track & Trace

2. Online Brand Protection 

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  • Businesses will have to deal with counterfeiting, grey market diversions, and a lack of consumer engagement.
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  • By letting consumers easily identify, verify and buy products from a business through online and offline stores, brand protection solutions garner the trust of consumers. Brand protection solutions can also help to clamp down on websites/e-commerce sites selling counterfeit products, leaving only genuine websites offering real products to consumers.
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  • The anti-copy QR code that is utilized by Nabcore is generated and encrypted with bank graded security and embedded with a patented watermark technology.   

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Broadly, they are: 

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Designs 
  • Geographical Indications   

Having a trademark registered to your company and/or product means that you would be able to contest on infringements made by others. However, this tends to be more reactive approach. It is much better to be proactive in the fight against counterfeiting, and brand protection solutions fit the bill perfectly for that. With the aim to actively engage consumers by allowing them to identify and buy your genuine products, brand protection solutions are vastly superior to simply having a trademark registered. 

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  • Online Brand Protection allows brand owners to monitor marketplaces/e-commerce/websites on possible infringements. It also helps businesses to understand how their products are selling online (eg: pricing/quantity) in different channels.   
  • Track and Trace solutions allow businesses to have real-time visibility of their products distributed along their supply chain. This helps to ensure that products go through proper channels and it also prevents unauthorized sales of products in different countries.
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