How to Protect and Track Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)?

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Roadmap to Success

Brand owners of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) often face the challenges of not having a direct relationship with consumers. Being highly dependent on retailers also limits their adoption of new technologies. On top of that, their supply chain complexity further creates opportunities for counterfeiting, grey market transactions and price erosion to happen. 

In the new era of 2020 and beyond, building consumer engagement, understanding market trends and gaining the trust of consumers is essential. Once a business is able to achieve that, they would be able to secure a much-needed advantage for success in the rapidly evolving future.

The following are the 6 stages of a roadmap to fast moving consumer goods success in the digital era.

Stage 1: Current Situation

  • Brand owners do not take part in direct customer relationships with consumers.
  • Brands are heavily dependent on retailers for insights and market engagement.

Stage 2: Fast Moving Consumer Goods Brand Owners May Venture into Digital Space

  • Brands may establish outreach to consumers over the internet.
  • Brands in this stage may lack the ability to refine their services to cater to the rapidly changing user experience as compared to the online marketplace.

Stage 3: Brands Start to Secure Their Supply Chain (The first step to winning)

  • Brands start to protect the supply chain from counterfeiting, grey market transactions and price erosion.
  • This prevents a loss of revenue and brand erosion due to the presence of fake products both online and offline.

Stage 4: Brands Start Adopting New Technology

  • Brands begin to adopt Smart Packaging
  • Brands may also begin to explore the use Blockchain in their brand protection efforts

Step 5: Fast Moving Consumer Goods Brands Gain the Trust of Their Consumers

  • Brands get real-time Track & Trace (Visibility) along their distribution channels
  • Brands have a working product authentication system
  • Brands start to focus on consumer engagement
  • Brands begin big data gathering

Step 6: Fast Moving Consumer Goods Brands Secure an Edge Over Competitors in Future

  • Brands start a customer loyalty programme to lock in their consumers
  • Brands gain early market insights
  • Brands start to conduct consumer trend analysis

Businesses can be on any part of the stage at the moment, but ideally, should all aim to reach the final stage. Once they are at the final stage of the roadmap, they would be able to gain a large edge over their competitors.

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Guankai is a solution architect based in Singapore and the business development director of Nabcore Pte Ltd. He specializes in designing and implementing smart brand protection tracking and solutions. With over 10 years of experience navigating the grey market in Asia, his focus is on providing interlocking physical and digital applications for FMCG, industrial and automotive products. His solutions have helped brand owners to prevent loss revenue due to counterfeiting and enable consumer engagement to drive business growth.

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