Company's strategy when faced with issues of counterfeiting.

Which type of brand owner are you?

 How company react and plan when faced with challenges from issues of counterfeiting.   

Companies that are normally proactive with stronger brand protection solutions.

Guru and Fighter Examples

Industries where we commonly see more of such company

Companies that normally do not have brand protection solutions.

Opportunities and Drifter Examples

 Industries where we commonly see more of such company 

INFOGRAPHIC INSIGHTS: expand to new markets

FMCG roadmap to win in new era

 Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands often faced the challenges of not having the direct relationship with consumers. Being highly dependent on retailers also limit their adoption of new technologies. Their supply chain complexity further create opportunities for counterfeit, grey market and price erosion to happen. 

The new era of 2020 and beyond, requires building of consumer engagement, market trend and trust. Whoever can achieve them, secure the much needed advantage into the rapid evolving future.

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Globalization and Internet create the perfect storm conditions for the fake products to thrive. Below info-graphic shows some stunning figures! It's time to really ensure that your products are not being counterfeited when you expand to new markets. Please beware of counterfeits (if you haven't been)...…  

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Case study of Smart Packaging with Brand Security  - FMCG's business strategy.

Smart Packaging with Brand Security-FMCG Case study (pdf)