MORE questions


1. How does brand protection solutions increase my sales revenue?

  • Brand Protection allows consumers to easily identify and buy your products both in the Physical and Online Stores. The program can also help to clamp down on those fakes websites/e-commerce sites selling fakes, hence only left with genuine ones offering real products to consumers.   

2. How does your anti-copy QR code works?

  • The anti-copy QR code that we generated is encrypted with bank graded security and embedded with a patented watermark technology.   

3. What are the different types of Intellectual Properties?

  • Generally, they are: Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Designs and Geographical Indications   

4. If we already registered our trademark, do we still need to have Brand Protection Solutions?

  • Having trademark registered means that you are able to contest on infringements by others. It is tends to be more reactive approach. Having Brand Protection solutions are proactive. The aim is to actively engage consumers by allowing them to identify and buy your genuine products.   

5. How does Online Brand Protection solutions work?

  • Online Brand Protection allows brand owners to monitor marketplaces/e-commerce/websites on possible infringements. It also helps you to understand how your products sells online (eg: Pricing/Quantity) in different channels.   

6. What are the values to have track and trace solutions for my products?

  • Track and Trace solutions allow you and your management to have REAL-TIME visibility of your products distributed along your Supply Chain. It helps to ensure that products go through proper channels and prevent unauthorized sales of products in different countries.