The digital age has changed how consumers research, buy, and interact with brands. If consumers have changed how they buy, businesses must evolve in their marketing and consumer engagement with customers.

As the world of marketing evolves, so does consumer behavior. With the rise of e-commerce and digital connectivity, customers are not only looking for products; they’re seeking experiences.

Physical retail products in brick-and-mortar shops need to stand out from the rest of the products. Interesting and aesthetically-pleasing packaging can enhance brand value and help visually attract a customer. However, attractive packaging is just the one touchpoint in marketing.

At Nabcore, we understand the importance of engaging customers throughout their journey. From that first glance at your product on the shelf to the moments they share their satisfaction online, every interaction matters. Our focus is on crafting solutions that create lasting impressions, foster trust, and keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, it’s not just about selling; it’s about building enduring relationships with consumers.


Marketing Engagement of Retail Products | Nabcore

Social media posts, advertisements and other promotional activities form other touchpoints. Before making a purchase, consumers also want more information about a product before taking out their wallet or opening their payment app. 

Brand owners must find ways to create multiple touchpoints in order to attract and ultimately convert a customer.

“It takes 6 to 8 touches to generate a viable sales lead.” ~ SalesForce

Subsequently, engagement post-purchase is essential to build customer loyalty and advocacy. This can be achieved through meaningful and interesting engagement with the help of smart packaging or product labels.

Nabcore’s Asia BrandProtect System uses a suite of interlocking solutions to help brands engage with their customers pre and post-purchase.

Our technology approach to marketing engagement is to use an “Attract, Engage and Excite” formula that has proven successful for multiple brands in 7 countries.

Attract: Through visual effecT

Visually-pleasing labels that also allow for information to be shared can help attract consumers’ attention and enhance brand value of a product. 

    • 56% of shoppers say a recognizable logo draws their attention to a product.
    • 53% of shoppers say bright attractive colours draw their attention to a product.
    • 60% of shoppers are unlikely to buy a product when the label doesn’t provide enough information.

Examples of marketing engagement labels that can attract and inform include 3D Security hot-stamp lens foil and holographic labels.

Engage: Through informatioN

Smart product labels are an excellent form of marketing and consumer engagement and can share a lot of information with consumers.

Check out the images below to understand how smart product labels work.

Scanning Smart Product Label for Marketing Engagement
Information on Smart Product Label for Marketing Engagement

Excite: Through loyalty programS

Innovative customer loyalty program with a game-element and incentives can be a powerful form of post-purchase marketing engagement. 

Loyalty programs that reward customers and provide a fun game element that increases the chances of rewards is a great way to engage with customers post-purchase.

Using a smart brand protection solution that combines protect authentication with rewards for consumers. 

For example, if consumers receive a reward after authenticating their product purchase, this can be an incentive to purchase from the brand repeatedly. This “sticky” form of marketing engagement helps the brand owners gain recurring revenue and strengthen their brand recognition and recall in the consumers’ minds.

Example of Loyalty Program with rewards point redemption

    • Unique QR codes can be added to the product packaging or labels.
    • Consumers are encouraged and incentivised to scan the QR code with their mobile device to authenticate the product that they are going to purchase.
    • Upon scanning, consumers can also register as members of a loyalty program where they can earn points to redeem rewards after purchase. The incentive helps to lock in customers in the long haul as consumers will be going back to purchase more products to accumulate points for rewards. 

It is possible to create unique variable QR codes that are allowed to be scanned only once. This is a perfect application for lucky draw campaigns such as WeChat’s red packet engagement campaign.



As an anti-counterfeiting solutions provider, Nabcore supports a variety of partners to serve larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) or security printing projects.

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Product authentication

Product Authentication

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Smart tracking

Smart Tracking

Provide real-time visibility along your supply chain to protect against illegal overruns, pilferage or grey market diversion.


  • What is consumer marketing engagement?

    Consumer marketing engagement refers to the strategies and activities that businesses use to interact with customers both before and after they make a purchase. It involves creating touchpoints that attract, inform, and delight customers throughout their buying journey.

  • Why is consumer marketing engagement important?

    Consumer engagement is vital because it helps businesses build brand awareness, trust, and customer loyalty. It allows you to connect with customers at various stages of their decision-making process and continue the relationship after they've made a purchase.

  • What are some examples of Pre-purchase consumer marketing engagement?

    Pre-purchase consumer marketing engagement can include activities like eye-catching packaging, informative product labels, social media advertising, content marketing, and offering product information to help customers make informed decisions.

  • How can I attract customers before they make a purchase?

    To attract customers before a purchase, focus on visually appealing packaging, informative labels, and strategic advertising. Providing clear and relevant product information is also crucial in capturing their attention.

  • What are some post-purchase consumer marketing engagement strategies?

    Post-purchase consumer marketing engagement involves tactics like loyalty programs, follow-up emails, customer feedback surveys, and providing incentives for repeat purchases. It's about creating a positive customer experience after the sale.

  • How can post-purchase consumer marketing engagement benefit my business?

    Post-purchase consumer engagement can lead to increased customer loyalty, higher retention rates, positive reviews and referrals, and a stronger brand presence. It helps turn one-time buyers into long-term customers.

  • Can you explain the "Attract, Engage, and Excite" formula mentioned on the page?

    The "Attract, Engage, and Excite" formula is a strategy that focuses on attracting customers visually (attract), providing them with valuable information (engage), and offering incentives or rewards (excite) to keep them engaged and loyal to your brand.

  • How can I incorporate smart packaging and labels into my marketing strategy?

    Smart packaging and labels can be integrated by using visually appealing designs, QR codes for information sharing, and NFC or RFID technology for interactive experiences. These elements enhance both pre and post-purchase engagement.

  • Are there any case studies or success stories related to pre and post-purchase consumer marketing engagement?

    Yes, we have case studies that showcase how businesses have successfully implemented pre and post-purchase consumer engagement strategies to enhance their brand value and customer loyalty. You can explore these to see real-world examples.

  • How can I get started with pre and post-purchase consumer marketing engagement for my business?

    To get started, reach out to our team at Nabcore. We'll work with you to tailor a strategy that aligns with your brand and goals, helping you attract, engage, and excite your customers throughout their buying journey.