Physical Authentication, Mobile Verification, Track & Trace, Online Brand Protection Solutions

Mobile Smart-phone and Internet have significant influence in the 21st century. In the modern society, we seek greater visibility and faster response anywhere, anytime. 


At Nabcore’s Brand Security, with proven approaches, we help companies to implement useful brand protection solutions for market penetration. Our focus is to provide Bank Graded security technologies that allow both physical product authentication and mobile verification for clients to embrace.  

This combination of technology offers what consumers and brand owners seeking to experience. With increase interactions, the unique application has proven to be game changer for Anti-counterfeiting, Track & Trace and Consumers Engagement for many of our clients.

What are the different types of Brand Security Solutions? 


Physical Brand Protection Solutions 

-Encrypted AR/QR codes with Mobile Verification Apps 

-Track and Trace Solutions  

-Optical Variable Devices (Labels, Foils, Stripes) 

-Tamper Evident Labels, Seals  -RFID Tags & System 

-Security Inks/Paper  

-Hidden Images  

Online Brand Protection Solutions 

-Marketplace Monitoring  

-Social Media Monitoring 

-Pricing Intelligence  

-IP Monitoring  

-Link Analysis  

-Evidential Purchase   

Product authentication & verification

Product authentication & verification

A new way for brand owners to expand with product authentication solutions

Changing  your efforts against counterfeiting and grey marketing from  Cost center to Revenue generating, simply by aiming for:   

1. Easy Product Authentication, 

2. Supply Chain Visibility (Track and Trace solutions), 

3. Consumer Engagement. 


SMART APPLICATIons Development

Preventing Fake Brands with Anti-Copy QR code (The AR code)

Nabcore specializes in business development, marketing and designing solutions. We embrace niche technologies to provide smart applications and business solutions. Through effective solutions, we implement projects and products globally.  

As improvement of our product authentication solutions, we are pleased to offer the Anti-Copy, Clone-Proof QR code that can be easily printed onto packaging and products for consumer to verify on Smartphone. Our team helps to further develop and enhance on the application to ensure that companies do not have to worry about issues affecting their products and brands when they penetrate into new markets.  Our strength lies in understand that suitable approach with many case studies to share. 

In the complex, competitive business world, we want to help our customers to maneuver. We believe that cooperation is the key for sustainable growth.  Our synergistic approaches with measurable goals helping to grow businesses forward every single day for companies Big or Small. 

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Click below to see how AR code works

How to determine a product is fake with AR code


The technology prevents any possible duplication.

Allows consumers to identify genuine products easily and buy the real ones. Brand owner can hence prevent loss sales and revenue due to fakes.