Smart Tracking - Solution for vulnerability along supply chain

Many brand owners outsource whole/part of their production. Should there be any illegal overruns or pilferage, it can be hard to detect especially if there are many outsourced factories to manage. Furthermore, complex product distribution channels across different regions add to the problem. 

Companies normally do not have visibility of how their products are being distributed beyond their 1st and 2nd layers of main distribution channels. Track and Trace of products to the end consumers are often limited. Compared to detecting outright product counterfeit from fake factories, leakages along the supply chain is more difficult to spot. 

By incorporating Internet of Things (IOT) devices together with fast verification technologies such as RFID, QR codes would allow automation and ease of tracking that we have not seen before. 

Together with application of Block-chain, we can be assured that track and trace along the supply chain for food, consumer and industrial products will be highly visible and trustworthy. Smart tracking provide us with the safety and security that we truly need in this modern world!  

Track and Trace solutions

By combining both hardware and software technologies, we are able to offer and customize a wide range of Smart Tracking solutions which includes:  

- Heat-map along supply chain 

- Journey Map of products 

- RFID, NFC devices 

-  IOT devices with different sensors 

Smart Tracking & Authentication for Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical brand owners can get supply chain visibility and consumers engagement. Product information, verification and rewards can be created to allow consumers to make informed decision in getting the products in Both Online and Retail stores. 

Technology platform: Online Product Monitoring with Smart Tracking

supply chain track and trace

Technology Platform to monitor Online Offerings

With growth of E-Commerce, the problem gets exploded given the vast avenues for the counterfeiters. Brands may be able to protect the authenticity of goods sold through authorized distribution channels. However, they cannot easily control the sale of fake goods, sold as genuine, on the internet. 

Internet is often clouded with many non-credible product and service providers simulating real offerings. It is essential for companies and consumers to be able to verify offers that they see on the internet.

Our team is offering a technology platform program and services that is needed to address the need for Online Brand Protection:

(1) Genuine Sources, 

(2) Real Deals, and 

(3) Reliable Quality Products/Services.

Through product authentication with track and trace solutions can we then ensure of genuine supplies.