What Covid-19 Reveals About the Need for Supply Chain Tracking

From the explosive demand for personal protective equipment in the early months of 2020 to the present distribution of vaccines to different parts of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has put the reliability and integrity of global supply chains to the test. Beyond predictable supply chain disruptions due to the closure of airports, national lockdowns and workforce shortages, the tricky problem of counterfeiting has reared its head once again.

Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Occur Across All Sectors

Unscrupulous merchants have taken advantage of increased demand and consumers’ anxieties by flooding the marketplace with an influx of counterfeit healthcare products. The risks of using inauthentic products deceptively labelled as N95 masks, personal protective equipment, over-the-counter drugs and vitamins and even ventilators are only too apparent. At present, Covid-19 vaccines developed by brands like Pfizer and Modena are the most valuable commodities on the market. Counterfeit vaccines have already popped up in different places around the world. The need for authentication solutions has never been more pertinent.

This spike in counterfeit goods is not isolated to products related to Covid-19. Online shopping has also surged across categories like household goods, lifestyle products and food and beverage items, among others. A crucial way to counter the issue head-on is to increase or incorporate monitoring and tracking across supply chains.

Incorporating Smart Supply Chain Tracking Systems

Supply chains are complex systems with multiple interlocking stages. Vulnerabilities are present in all stages, from the manufacturing, assembly, and distribution to the eventual retail of the product to the end-user. At Nabcore, we specialise in providing interlocking physical and digital solutions to help companies gain insight and visibility of the flow of goods along their supply chain. Our smart tracking software works in tandem with our product authentication solutions to not only provide insights into activity along the supply chain but also guarantee end-users peace of mind that the product they’ve purchased is indeed authentic.

Product identification characteristics that come in the form of seals or AR codes can be seamlessly incorporated into packaging designs. Distributors, retailers, and consumers can then scan these codes using a smart device to verify the product’s authenticity at every stage of the supply chain. Locational data captured during verification scans play a crucial role in spotting vulnerabilities. Suspicious product locations or distribution channels that veer off established routes can be further investigated independently or with the help of authorities. Furthermore, the act of scanning a verification code will empower customers to witness the authenticity of their purchase or alert them that the product is a fake, thus protecting your brand reputation if adverse side effects or poor performance occur through the use of a counterfeit.

Protect Your Brand with Nabcore’s Solutions

Our Asia BrandProtect System provides a comprehensive suite of custom solutions dedicated to product authentication, smart tracking, and marketing engagement. We also offer businesses who’ve chosen to adopt this system a thorough consultation to help identify areas of weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These findings will be delivered in the form of a detailed report including milestones, cost analysis and a project plan on how we will execute our interlocking solutions to protect your brand against counterfeiting.

Further Benefits of Using a Supply Chain Tracking Software

Incorporating a smart tracking software not only increases supply chain visibility. The data gathered through the tracking and authentication process can also provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour. These might include data on demand for different products, the sale volumes in various geographical locations or the popularity of different distributors. Such insights allow companies to make better decisions tailored to customer needs, resulting in satisfied customers, new revenue opportunities and unique business foresight and intuitions to stay ahead of the competition.

The unfortunate reality is that counterfeits are pervasive in our modern marketplace. However, there are always ways to mitigate risks due to counterfeiting. Brands can and should take precautions and measures to safeguard the integrity of their supply chain, brand reputation, and customer trust and loyalty.

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